Instantly Add Revenue Potential

Getting started with the program is easy. You supply the customers, Spectrum provides everything you need to drive sales

  • Implementation planning
  • A streamlined process
  • Estimate of your potential earnings

You’ll Be Offering the Best

Spectrum has invested billions in its state-of-the-art, fiber-powered network, to deliver fast and reliable TV, Internet and voice services.

  • Spectrum TV®

  • Spectrum Internet®

  • Spectrum Voice®

  • Spectrum TV app

  • Spectrum Mobile

Benefits to Your Customers

Deepen your relationships and generate repeat business and brand loyalty by offering your customers more:

  • Customizable options that satisfy your customers by giving them exactly the services they want.

  • Spectrum doesn’t require contracts or credit checks and has a 30-day money-back guarantee to make signing up easy.

  • Up to $500 contract buyout.

  • Respect your customer’s time with guaranteed convenient installation.

  • Customers receive a free modem and unlike satellite, there is no expensive equipment to buy or dish to install.


Benefits to You

Get up and running quickly with a process designed to fit seamlessly with your existing sales efforts.

  • Simple-to-use online portal access to schedule customer installations, generate reports and redeem premiums.

  • Innovative compensation plan – easy add-on to your existing sales process can generate increased revenue.

  • Detailed & customized sales reports to plot your activity and project future revenue.

  • Dedicated local sales & support team.

  • As a retailing partner and respected member of our sales force, you'll be supplied with messaging, materials and resources and able to offer special promotions.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you sell products and services to residential customers, the answer is YES! Companies that offer compatible products and services might include security or alarm companies, realtors, power companies etc.

With no inventory to maintain, the answer is NO!

The ability to sell Spectrum suite of services to your customer base.